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Preventative Dentistry

Preventative Dentistry

Proper dental care plays a vital role in the health of the rest of your body. To help keep you healthy, we will educate on how you can prevent oral diseases. At our practice, we believe that preventative dentistry is one of the most important aspects of treatment.

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How Preventive Dentistry Can Help You

When it comes to dental care, it is much more efficient to prevent a problem from the jump than it is to treat it once it has progressed. New dental technologies and advances have made it easier than ever to prevent dental problems.

For instance, cavities are a common dental issue that can cause your teeth to rot. Fluoride and dental sealants can help prevent cavities from developing. It is much easier to administer these preventative treatments than it is to fill a cavity after it has developed.

Preventive dentistry is not only just for your teeth, but for your gums, jaw, mouth, and tongue too. We can help prevent any serious issues by screening for conditions like mouth cancer, TMJ. and other oral diseases.

Not only is it better for you to be proactive in maintaining good dental health, but it is more cost-effective in the long-run, too. Cosmetic and advanced dental treatment can be a burden on anyone’s budget. Preventing problems from developing in the first place can eliminate the need to pay for additional treatments down the road.

What To Expect At A Routine Appointment

At Archbold Family Dental, we work diligently to help you understand the importance of excellent dental care. We have found by educating each patient on preventive dental care, they learn the significance and importance of maintaining excellent oral health. Good habits lead to healthy smiles.

As a patient, you should come to see us at least once every 6-12 months for a routine dental exam and cleaning. This helps us to catch any issues before they become a significant health concern for you.

If you are overdue for a teeth cleaning or want to learn more about preventative dentistry, give our office a call today at (419) 445-8176.

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